Who we are

We put love, passion, and kindness into everything that we do, everything that we cook, and everything that we tell you! We hope to see you soon !!!!!!

Our family-run business was established in the early 70s by Enrico Fusini and his wife Maria Fusini, who both worked as Mezzadri (profit sharing) farmers in the 30s. They started to make the land productive and plant vineyards and olive groves and began working on the building of the main house with the help of their two sons, Enzo and Angelo. In 1977 Enzo married Patrizia and in 1984 Elisa was born.

In the 90s new Italian regional laws were introduced to help develop rural areas, legally recognizing the Agritourism as a codified business. However, at first, this new legislation limited the Agritourism to only offer overnight stays. In 2004 changes to regional laws allowed businesses to offer catering services with half board services (breakfast and dinner). After 2008 it was possible to offer said catering arrangements to external guests, including various lunch banquets and guided tasting, all cooked with our own products such as wine, oil, meat, fruit and vegetables, etc. or from neighboring businesses, respecting guidelines of the Italian regional law 30/2013.

In line with the industry’s well known traditions and untarnished reputation our Agritourism offers its guests the real chance to participate in the different harvests that take place in different periods of the year. We celebrate the grape harvest in September and the olive picking at the end of October/start of November with a great feast altogether at the end.

Throughout the years the farm has become bigger also in terms of land, starting with 10 hectares and to this day having 30 hectares, all of which is mainly farmed with olive plants and vineyards. The rest is farmed with grain and fodder.