The farmhouse

We offer guided tasting sessions of our products.

You can enjoy a marvelous view of the surrounding countryside and the wide valleys from every room in the Agritourism.

The color of the olives and the green meadows is just a glimpse of what your holiday will entail. The Agritourism is divided into two buildings, one of which has two floors. The upper floor is the main house. Both of these buildings are surrounded by a beautiful garden with Mediterranean maquis (typical Mediterranean plants), in which lots of species of birds can be found. You can listen to their birdsongs from sunrise..
The Agritourism offers its guests different package options: bed and breakfast, half-board and full board, as well as bed only.
Breakfast and dinner are served in the adjacent building which is designated to catering services. In winter you dine in an indoor room, and in the spring/summer you can dine on the outdoor porch where you can admire the natural beauty of the Maremma landscape.
Breakfast is served with coffee, milk, cappuccino, barley coffee, tea, espresso, along with jam tarts, donuts, carrot cake, toast, butter and homemade jams made with our own fruit
Our dinner menu is pre-selected to offer you an array of choices. Every evening you can taste different typical dishes from the Maremma, cooked with care and passion by our cooks Elisa and Patrizia.
You can begin your meal with an appetizer of crostini (grilled bread with a variety of toppings) and cured meat which is typical of the region. Then you can choose your first course, second course and side dishes from our menu. Some of our most famous dishes include Acquacotta Maremmana (a traditional Tuscan soup made with vegetables and eggs), Tortelli Maremmani (a classical pasta dish renowned in the Maremma), Tagliatelle al Cinghiale (wild boar tagliatelle), Pollo fritto (fried chicken), Cinghiale alla Cacciatora (wild boar), Maialino al Forno (roast suckling pork) and many more specialities…..
L’The Agritourism Fusini is also a farm with around 30 hectares which cultivates vineyards, olive groves with roughly 1400 olive trees, grain, fodder, fruit and vegetables. What’s more, we produce IGT Tuscan wine (typical geographical indication) using refined produce: Montepulciano, San Giovese, Trebbiano Toscano and Vermentino..
Oil production uses a variety of olives such as Frantoiani, Leccini, Moraioli and Pendolini which give an exquisite and aromatic extra virgin olive oil.
Production of seasonal fruit is transformed into various flavors of jam and is used for breakfast and cake preparation. Our home-made products such as wine, oil, jam and grappa can be purchased from us.