Magliano  in Toscana

Magliano in Toscana

Magliano in Toscana is a beautiful town with a vast territory that stretches from the hills to the sea, reaching the Maremma Park where historic architecture such as the Tower of Bella Marsiglia in Collecchio and the Tower of Cala di Forno with its beautiful beach can be found. The town is surrounded by an impressive medieval city wall that encloses the center, which includes the Palazzo dei Priori and the Capitano. Located around the town are some Etruscan necropolises and the remains of a Romanesque church, San Bruzio. Outside Porta San Giovanni, you can see the famous Ulivo della Strega, a tree among the oldest in Italy with a hypothesized age of about 3500 years. The name refers to ancient pagan legends about witches.