Talamone’s history

Talamone’s history

Talamone, a small village in the southern tip of the Maremma Park hills, is the nearest tiny port to the Agriturismo Fusini. Mentioned in Dante’s Divina Commedia, Talamone has a long and interesting history. It was chosen as the principal port of the Republic by the city of Siena in the XIII century, under control of the “contrada dell'onda”.

But the Florentin Dante was right to make fun of his rivals, being Talamone exposed and indefensible and because of that it often became the arena for piratesque fights by the Saracens.

In the old town you’ll find via Bartolomeo Peretti, the brave talamonese admiral who left in the XIV century for a punitive expedition to the greek islands where the famous pirate Barbarossa lived to destroy his house. The expedition was successful, but the consequences were catastrophic for Talamone, which was besieged and almost destroyed again afterwards.

Walking along you’ll find Garibaldi’s half-bust, a very common thing in Italy, but it’s actually here that he made a stopover during the “Expedition of the Thousand”. He started from Quarto in Liguria, stayed in Talamone to load the necessary weapons for the landing at Marsala, in Sicily.

Today’s Talamone shows the signs of history: you’ll be able to admire the ancient Sienese walls on the south-east side of the city, reinforced afterwards during the Spanish era and climbing the stairs from Porta Garibaldi you’ll enter in the tiny street that leads to the high little square, where you can enjoy an aperitif or a fresh seafood dinner. Continuing upwards you’ll reach La Rocca, a mediaeval building of the Thirteen century that has remained intact till today. From there you’ll enjoy a wonderful 360° view of the Tombolo della Giannella, the Argentario river, Montecristo, the Island of Elba and the Formiche di Grosseto and, if you’re lucky, when the sky is clear you’ll see the sunset highlighting the Corsica’s peaks.

Below La Rocca there is the Bagno delle Donne, a unique place for diving, sunbathing and enjoying some good drinks in a breath-taking setting. From Talamone start some paths of the Maremma Park, the T1, T2 and T3. Buying the tickets online you’ll be able to go for a walk in the park in total tranquillity. For the most adventurous people we strongly recommend the fish tourism, starting from the port you’ll be able to go fishing, to eat on board and to get off the boat for a plunge at Cala di Forno, but always being careful to not disturb deers and roe deers that are cooling down in the waves!